maybe you're asking yourself, why? why would I want to buy all these gift cards?

Most of the time, it's hard just getting people in other countries to realize what they are missing out on in the U.S. There's all kinds of things you don't see in your country.

apps. in-app purchases. movies. tv shows. songs. music subscriptions. video games. COMPUTER GAMES. CONSOLE GAMES. CONSOLE GAME SERVICES. TV SUBSCRIPTIONS. MOVIE SUBSCRIPTIONS.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of products, services, subscriptions and more that you literally CANNOT buy in any other country besides the U.S. Pretty much everything is locked to your country and unavailable.

well Michael, fine, I'll just create a U.S. account and get access to everything!

NOPE!  You want to create a U.S. account, sure, but once you come to the dreaded "form of payment" option, you'll be stopped dead in your tracks.  You don't have a U.S. form of payment, or a U.S. gift card.  There must be a way around this!  For the small group of people that realize there is a way around those restrictions, I'm where they come to for all their needs (though for some a VPN doesn't hurt either!).  Gift cards give you your way "in" to all these services, and if you can't use a gift card, use a Prepaid Debit card instead!

So break free of your country's restrictions! it's time to enjoy the music, tv shows, movies, games and more everyone else is! shop today and take back control!

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